New site design!

"New site design!"

I finally got around to working on my own site. My old site had been up since 2009. I had only made minor updates to it since but mainly it was built while I was still in college. So it has been way over-do to get it up. Now since I don’t have much time to work on my own site because of my busy schedule that means this current build is a work in progress. What does that mean? Well, it means more features will be coming. Two big features coming up will be a timeline which I will be adding under History. Another thing I will be adding is a portfolio section. My old portfolio section was incomplete and had flash on it so hopefully, I can get this new one complete this time before the technology I am using is out of date.

This time around I started and I mean scratch, I got rid of the old database and everything. I am running on WordPress but using Underscores as my bases theme. Beyond that, it is all my custom code.

This opportunity also has allowed me to experiment with some design ideas I have had in my head. I love the idea of coding in a relaxing environment. I plan on updating this design as I travel. I will record other videos that I could code in front of, at this time I purposely used two videos for this reason to make it easy to update. Also, the design demanded that they be separate so that the laptop is always fully on screen yet the background fully covers.

There is still plenty of work to do on this site beyond on the major features I plan on adding. Minor updates like redesigning the menu will be something high on my list. I hope you can stay tuned!