About Brock Barnett

It’s always a good idea to learn about someone before you work with them.
Brock at weddng
Brock at wedding

I am Brock Harrison Austin Barnett born on July 18, 1989, in Louisville, Kentucky  USA. I have been creating, modifying and just plan o’ having fun with computers since I was a kid. I was about eight(8) years of age when I got my first computer. It wasn’t a tower PC or laptop it was a true desktop though it did have windows on it. The first computers I actually used before I had my own ran on DOS. I started my education in the web field around 2003 after playing an online game called Final Fantasy XI. I wanted to build a website for some friends in the game. Even though there were websites about the game I wanted to make my own design that would focus on the crafting system of the game. That way every time someone would ask me about crafting instead of me explaining it every time I could send them a link. So I started teaching myself basic HTML and CSS. The next thing I knew our group who played wanted a forum so I started learning more about that.

I moved on to a game called Freelancer. Which I modded for a while and then decided I wanted to play other people’s modifications of the game. I found the Solurus Systems Mod in which the genius programmer of the mod had made his own installer. Since it was so custom and different from other mods of the game people had difficulty with installing the mods. I ran the troubleshooting part of the project mainly dealing with the installer. In order to make things easier on myself I made a step-by-step website in which I used javascript for the first time. I also designed the splash screen for the game for a couple of versions as the team liked to have a new splash screen for new releases.

Eventually, the project split and long story short I went onto being one of the main developers with my own team and maintained a new website called Dark Cosmos. I continued to teach myself more web coding such as PHP so I could understand how forums worked. Sadly to say after my best friend Robert Pierce died on June 8, 2008, the group disbanded.

Before my friend died he had encouraged me to join another video game project called Shadows of Lylat. Eventually, this project also disbanded after over 6 years of development. I built and maintained the site for Shadows of Lylat for over 5 years and created their logo.

Finally, after teaching myself for several years I decided to go to school to learn more. I joined ITT Technical Intuition and graduated with an Associates Degree in Visual Communications or more commonly known as a Graphic Design degree with an expanded focus in web and multimedia. I had many awards including highest Honors, National Technical Honors Society, and an Academic excellence award. After graduating in 2010 I started my full-time career in the web field which you can check out more of where I have worked in the history section of this site.

I have to say I don’t think I would have made this far in my career without Quetura Neal. Quetura (kētyūrə) is pronounced ke-TOO-rah which is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “incense”. Biblical: the second wife of Abraham and mother of six of his sons, who became ancestors of various Arabian peoples. I have known her since we were very young and love her deeply we started dating in September 2008. On June 5, 2010, I was happy to call her Quetura Barnett. The picture is of me on that special day.

No matter where I am in the world, and as long as my current company does not have a clause in my contract I am always open to freelance work. You may ask why I am passionate about the web and if there is anything on the web I can’t do. I refer to the great words of one of our most famous artist of the 20th century.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. -Pablo Picasso

Even when it’s something I have never done before I am always eager to learn how to do it. So just because I haven’t mentioned a skill or haven’t shown it in my portfolio you can count on me to learn when it comes to the task at hand.